Haus Band Music Festival (HBMF) is an all-VIP music festival experience like no other. Designed by musicians for music fans everywhere, HBMF is a customizable all-inclusive festival that combines a world-class lineup with Symphonic Augmentation™️, uncommonly luxurious amenities, and an immersive venue. HBMF is taking away all of the stress so you can experience the best of everything music has to offer.

What's Symphonic Augmentation™️?​

Symphonic Augmentation™️ adds a unique twist to modern music, by adding an orchestra to the mix! The incredible performances by musicians from the HBMF Orchestras combine the power of popular with the thrill of classical music!

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HBMF Specializes In Luxury Immersive Experiences, Both Live & At-Home. Browse & See For Yourself!

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"We're so glad you stopped by! We've been working so hard on crafting at-home experiences and live events, and we hope you'll be able to join us and indulge in yourself!"

Meet Melissa Angulo, an operatic vocalist, classically trained flutist, and entrepreneur. She's the founder and CEO of Haus Band Music Festival, a high-end experiential company that crafts immersive luxury experiences. Angulo is passionate about all kinds of music and loves to create memorable experiences for her audience. She has extensive experience in arts event management and operations, with a focus on classical music. Angulo is bringing classical musicians to trendy music venues in major cities, providing unique and special performance opportunities to new artists.

Meet Jaymes Kirksey, a prodigious triple threat as a symphonic conductor, classical violinist, and classical pianist. He has won countless competitions including the Margaret Gutham Piano Competition in Atlanta, the Baylor University Music Competition, and Juanita Hubbard Invitational Piano Competition. He has performed with groups such as the National Festival Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Hayes Symphony Orchestra and Golden Gate Symphony. He is one of the youngest conductors to already have an orchestra of his own and is continuing to makes waves with the HBMF Orchestra.