Festival experience


Gold Series

TBA - Las Vegas, NV

General Admission




Platinum Circle

TBA - Las Vegas, NV

VIP Admission



Amenities & Accommodations

Let us take care of you for the weekend! Our park is designed after the seasons: fall, summer, winter, spring, solstice (platinum circle), and equinox (the stage area). Guests can expect themed bars, restaurants, art installations, and attractions. We must warn you: Our park is incredibly instagrammable. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with photographers who will take pictures for you and your friends throughout the park. Our park is a temperature-controlled oasis with lounge areas, on-site day hotel, and real bathrooms. Relax or rage while listening to all your favorite artists with Symphonic Augmentation.


No need to stop the party to wait in line. Book a time to visit an attraction or order your food right from the app. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.


Shopping at the galleria is made easy. You can have any purchases delivered to your hotel room or to your home address just by scanning items from your phone. Need something while in the park? We have walking vendors to deliver essential items to you while you relax or listen to the acts.


Since no acts are double-booked, you can explore the park and all its features during “intermezzos,” or breaks between acts, FOMO-free!


Gold Tier


  • Virtual lines

  • Registry scan purchasing

  • Cashless wristbands

  • No double-booked acts

  • Artists with symphonic augmentation

  • Galleria Shops 

  • Art installations

  • Themed attractions

  • Attraction photographers

  • Delicious food options

  •  Full-service bars

  • On-site dispensary

  • Lounge areas

  • Walking vendors with essentials

  • REAL bathrooms

  • COVID-19 sanitation measures

  • On-site day hotel

  • Temperature controlled grounds

  • Merch delivery services

  • ADA accommodations

As a platinum circle guest, you can expect all the features of the gold series with some very special perks. Food, drinks, and more or at your beckoning call in our elite cabana lounges or your box seating right from the app. We ensure a top-of-the-line experience with your comfort in mind. Many exciting surprise benefits to be announced!


Platinum Tier


  • All gold series features

  • Elevated dining options

  • Box seating

  • Signature drinks

  • Complimentary wine tasting and tequila flights

  • Luxury gift shops

  • Accelerated lines

  • Courier food delivery

  • Bottomless bars

  • Elite lounge areas and cabanas

  • Exclusive attractions

  • Exclusive dispensary

  • Exclusive attractions and installations

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